Vacation has an all new meaning when you become a mom. As a mom you are no longer packing for just yourself you have to pack for everyone. You have to make sure you have all the grounds covered; clothes, toys, food, drinks, toiletries, etc. Then you get the beauty of unpacking when you get home and washing all of those clothes you packed. You could swim in the amount of laundry you have accumulated. In the end yes this can bring on extra stress for vacation, but what happens during the vacation makes it all worth the while.

We recently got back from our week long camping vacation. The memories we made with our children and family make all the other things seem minuscule. My husband suffered being baked on a train ride, like it was a sauna, to put a smile on our children’s faces.

As a mom I got the great pleasure of cleaning up pee and poop the entire last day. My three year old son magically forgot how to aim, my five year old daughter was to excited about catching a fish she ran out of the bathroom without wiping, and my two year old daughter finds it hilarious to take her diaper off, but refuses to go potty in the toilet. Honest question ever get the feeling as a mom all you do is clean up pee and poop? I most definitely do!

Furthermore, all the negative moments will never drown out the positive moments had on vacation. On your next vacation I encourage you to take the time to watch your child and see the joy you have brought to his or her’s eyes. Relax and enjoy every second good or bad moms, you have definitely earned it!

Holding his ticket proudly in his hand as he enjoys the train ride!


I'm a stay at home mom who loves to write and wants to share positivity!

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