Security Blanket

Children have their special stuffed animal or a security blanket they don’t want to leave the house without. They take it with them wherever they go. Why do they do this? They find comfort in the familiarity of their object they love.

I realized yesterday I have the wrong security blanket. After changing my daughter’s diaper she took off with my phone, but I needed to wash my hands. Just like that my phone was lost. I spent an hour trying to find it. Finally, I knew I had to give up and get to the park for our play date.

I felt naked without my phone. I am not even one to be on my phone a lot, but the simple fact I didn’t have my phone in case I needed it was really bothersome. This was when I realized I have the wrong security blanket.

I was so focused on not having my phone and the fear of the what ifs I was looking at it all wrong. Faith should have been my primary security blanket. Not worrying about my phone and the longing to have it.

When we leave the house we moms have our checklist; diapers, wipes, sippy cup, phone, car keys, purse, change of clothes etc. What is missing on our list? Jesus.

The day without my phone I put Jesus on a shelf and left Him at home. I was so upset about not having my phone as my security blanket, my thoughts were in the place. Jesus needs to be our security blanket. Do not leave Him on a shelf when you go places.

My emotions and my whole day could have gone differently if I had Jesus as my security blanket. My thoughts would have been focused on Him helping me through the day and having faith He is always there for my children and I. Much more than a phone could ever be. I would not have been stressed and angered. I challenge you to let Jesus be in control of your thoughts helping calm your mind. He is the best security blanket we could ever have!


I'm a stay at home mom who loves to write and wants to share positivity!

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