Mom Fail of the Week

My mom fail of the week was forgetting to take my two year old daughter’s church nursery check in sticker off of her dress. We changed her into pajamas before bedtime. She must have taken the sticker off of her dress. She woke up and it was very stuck and Tangled in her hair! Poor dolly 😣 comment yours!!!! 😃

P.S. Sorry no picture with this mom fail, I want to protect my daughters name and information.


I'm a stay at home mom who loves to write and wants to share positivity!

2 thoughts on “Mom Fail of the Week

  1. Mom fail? Gee where to start lol I’d say forgetting to wake son up for band camp! All morning I had the feeling You get when you are forgetting something, then remembered, so he had a 911 to get ready and out the door! In my defense though he is old enough to set his own alarm!!


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