How often do we as parents feel guilty when we do not get the dishes done or our kids clothes folded and put away? I know I do. My spouse has taught me and still is teaching me a very important lesson, to take moments to stop and rest.

Rest? This is often an unheard of term for parents of young ones. Especially a clean freak, perfectionist, with three kids, and a fourth one on the way. I may or may not be talking about myself…

Today I felt so nauseous and could barely keep my eyes open at church. My husband literally made me lay down and take a nap when we got home. The kids and him worked on the basement while I rested. I laid there struggling feeling guilty,q knowing a mess laid in the other room with tripping hazards all over the floor.

As I tried to relax I heard my husband’s voice in my head, “you need your rest everything else can wait. It is important you take care of yourself as well.”

Whoa what?! As much as I do not want to admit it he is right. As moms we constantly put our kids first, but if we are exhausted physically we are emotionally as well. It is natural for our minds to release feelings of anger and stress when we are exhausted. Our ability to control our emotions is lacking as well.

Let’s be honest, is better for our children when we take time to breathe. This allows us to relax our bodies, minds, and emotions. I have enjoyed reading devotionals and journaling. This is one way I have found to help me breathe. I find it gives me a chance to focus my mind on God’s beautiful peace He gives us. Please comment sharing ways you have found to help yourself relax and take a moment to breathe.


I'm a stay at home mom who loves to write and wants to share positivity!

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