Do you ever feel like you have gone crazy trying to find something? The overwhelming, frustrating, and confusing feeling you get when the item you had is no longer where you put. This leaves you wondering what on earth you did with it?

I hope you have or this blog post is pointless hahahaha….

My children are notorious for taking items and making me feel like I’m going crazy.

Exhibit A

I was feeding my baby girl and had my drink by my phone on the couch end table. I got up to lay her down, come back and it’s gone. My other three kids swore they didn’t touch it. Hmmmm…. I wonder who took it 😂

I am a huge fan of stories. I hope you guys share your stories as well in the comments! I’d love to laugh…. I mean read them! Kids can do the must frustrating yet funny things.

I’ll close with one last story. I always say my phone literally grows legs and walks away because of my third child (who is three). I had to put a lock on my phone because for the longest time she’d steal it and go hide watching videos. Most of her hiding spots were quite clever; under my bed, in my closet behind my clothes, or behind the rocking chair. However, her funniest hiding spot was when she would lay on a bed and hide under a blanket. I love how kids think if I can’t see you, you can’t see me hahahaha….


I'm a stay at home mom who loves to write and wants to share positivity!

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