Mom Fail of the Week

For my mom fail of the week it is too nasty for pictures… Gotta love kids! We were at a friend’s house for lunch. The girls were all playing dress up. My husband and I did not smell or know our two year old had pooped…

We were sitting in their living room when she came out naked and asked us to help her put a dress up dress on. I see her leg covered in poop and feel my stomach sink. I got up and looked down the hallway for her diaper. However, I found much more….

My daughter stepped in her diaper and walked down the hall leaving a poop trail. I felt horrible! It is one thing if she does this at home, but at another person’s house!

As we cleaned her and the hallway we kept apologizing. Our friends have three kids of their own. The wife was incredibly calm and understanding. Her reaction truly helped comfort me and made me feel better about the situation. The way she handled the situation was truly amazing and something to strive for.

We’d love to hear your stories! Please comment and share them!


I'm a stay at home mom who loves to write and wants to share positivity!

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