Mom Fail of the Week

Hope you all enjoyed your three day weekend!!! My mom fail of the week was forgetting I live in Iowa….

I did not pack wisely for a weekend at my grandpa’s. I packed pants for the kids thinking the weather would be cool and in the 70’s. On Sunday we were baking in the sun! Fortunately, my sister in law had extra shorts for her kids she shared, which definitely helped cool them off. However, my wardrobe was a different story…

No pictures sorry hahaha…. My husband forgot to pack gym shorts, he wears as pajamas. Therefore the only shorts we had was his swimsuit. I am incredibly petite, but I rocked those xl swim trunks with a hair tie tail in the back!!!

Needless to say packing can be a struggle haha…

Please share your mom or dad fails of the week we’d love to hear them!!!


I'm a stay at home mom who loves to write and wants to share positivity!

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