What is the best way to keep the stitches of a relationship tight? If you read the title I gave you the answer… Haha

Communication! Without communication our stitches would be loose and frayed coming apart.

Imagine you never talk to your spouse. You know they are always there if you need something, but you just go about doing your own thing. You never make time to communicate with them and see what they are doing. Is this the type of relationship you would desire with your spouse?

Then why do we find ourselves doing this to God? It is so easy to wrapped up in our everyday lives, especially if you have children! We worry about our jobs, finances, keeping our house clean, or when our favorite tv show will be on. However, when we are in need something we jump on our 1-800 prayer line relying on God to answer.

Do not get me wrong I absolutely love the fact the Lord is there for us whenever we need to vent or call out to Him. But it does not feel good for people to only contact you when they need something.

The Lord wants us to talk to Him about everything good or bad. He is our Father who loves us, communication will make the relationship we have with God stronger.

I myself am guilty of not taking enough time to communicate with the Lord on a regular basis. Here are some ways I have found to help me stay in communication with God:

1) Listening to a Christian radio station, K-Love is national and very positive. My kids love singing a long with me!

2) The Holy Bible app or the Daily Bible app. They both have a notification pop up on your phone daily with a Bible verse and mini devotional.

3) Reading Positive Blogs thanks for reading mine!!!

4) Reading a chapter out of my Bible before bed

5) I love Sarah Young’s 365 Devotions books!!! Currently I am reading Jesus Always Embracing Joy in His Presence

6) Last, but certainly not least through prayer!

Please comment ways you have found or enjoy to help you stay in Communication with God!


I'm a stay at home mom who loves to write and wants to share positivity!

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