Mom Fail of the Week

Well I am a day late for my mom fail of the week. Sorry if you were looking forward to reading this yesterday. My moms fail of the week is actually the reason for the late post…

For the first time as a mom I feel lost with no idea of how to handle a situation. My two year old daughter truly is extremely sweet and cuddly, but she can not control her temper and when she gets to that point there is no reasoning with her.

I was playing mini doll houses with the kids. My son had a doll, my two year old pulled on it in his hand. She screamed and tried to yank it from his hand. He tells her “Ariah I am playing with this doll, don’t take from hands.” To which she responds by slapping him two times in the chest. I held her hand before she could hit him again. She yanked her hand away from mine and slapped me right in the face.

I know the whole to spank or not to spank debate exists. However, I believe a spank is necessary in certain situations. This being one of them.

I firmly told her, “you do not hit your mom that is absolutely not okay.” I carry her dead weight, shaking, screaming body to her room. I spanked her bottom and told her I love her, but she needs to know hitting her mom is not okay and she needs to remember that. I close her door and tell her we would love for her to play with us when she is ready to play nice and keep her hands to herself.

Next thing I know I hear her door fly open she runs up to me and kicks me right in the back. At this point she is raging, I am raging. I am also speechless. I try to hold her to help comfort her and calm her down. She screamed no and pushed me away. Then her siblings try to hug her to which she responds by hitting again. I set her in my bedroom knowing she needs space to calm down. Still no luck….

As a mom I feel clueless. I have never had troubles calming my children down. It is not safe by any means to put a child safety lock on the inside of her door and if I put a gate up she will just climb it possibly knocking it down hurting herself.

The number of children you have makes no difference because every child is different and what works for one child may not work for another. So for now I am clueless trapped in the difficult trial and error stage.

No mom knows it all and even though I like to think I do, obviously I do not. Normally I have a good head on my shoulders with ideas of what to do, but I am stumped…. Hence my mom fail of the week.

We would love to hear your mom fail of the week and thoughts please comment yours below!


I'm a stay at home mom who loves to write and wants to share positivity!

2 thoughts on “Mom Fail of the Week

  1. Jonnah, for one, the fact that you opened up raw emotions and shared your experiences to others is incredible. And the fact you are seeking help and answers is admirable! We all try to do the best we can with what we are given and while I have no solid answers here from my OWN experiences, I can parrot what my Mom had to do with older sister who was very strong willed and had the energy to back it up. When my older sister would rage (putting my sister and sometimes those around her in danger) my mother would put her in “Mommy jail” sitting on the floor, my sister clamped tightly between her legs and wrapped her arms around her so that all at once my sister could feel the strength of “the opposition” and also knew that while my mother was not budging an inch on whatever rule had been broken, Mom was there with tough love-but love none the less-to help her get through the emotions until she calmed down. And of course, she eventually did and as my sister got older, she found positive outlets for her energy and emotions, but until they get to the point where they can rationalize and work through the emotions, they need us to guide them, and that is oft times very difficult. We are all flawed with sin but thankfully our heavenly Father is there to offer tough love (and thankfully grace!) to get us through a tough situation. Like parenting. Keep it up Mama! Have you read Strong Willed Child by Dr Dobson?

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    1. Beth truly thank you so much! I absolutely love your idea truly! I am so glad you shared this, you have given me more hope. I hate feeling helpless, that’ll be a great tip to try to control her and the situation.

      I have not heard of the book before, but will definitely look it up, I love Dr. James Dobson!!!


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