Mom Fail of the Week

Stinky Cheese

Life with a newborn baby and three other children can be quite chaotic. Baby girl was taking a great nap so I decided to make a nice meal for the family.

In the midst of cooking this meal a child peed on the floor. Therefore, if you give one kid a bath they all want a bath.

I knew there was a ticking time bomb and once detonated nursing would be the only way to turn it off. So the race was on to get dinner in the oven.

Once the time had come to sit down and eat the meal I prepared, Pizza Spaghetti with pepperoni and bacon bits, something was definitely off….

My nose was filled with the smell of stinky feet. Overwhelmed I realized the mozerella I used was the smell….

Mom Fail of the Week

Dog Mom Fail… When I plant flowers and apparently put the chair pot holders in the dog’s favorite spot to lay down….

Please share your mom fail of the week! We’d love to read them!


Quarantine. How does this word make you feel when you read it? Simply amazing how powerful one word can be. The power to cause so many different emotions when you read or hear it.

When I hear this word I honestly feel saddened. We were not designed to live in quarantine without social interaction. When we feel lonely, depression can come on. Depression sucks enthusiasm out of us opening a whole other door of problems.

Our physical health and safety is important, but we need to make sure we are taking care of our mental health as well. One way I keep my mind healthy is doing devotionals, diving into the word. Facebook messenger has been another source I have used to share videos, stories, etc. With family and friends.

I honestly have been the busiest, during this quarantine, than ever. Entertaining kids has been a full time plus job. We have tried so many different craft projects, activities, and games. Unfortunately, like us the kids need interaction as well. We have made several drives just to get them out of the house. We also spend a lot of time explaining to them what is going on so they have somewhat of an understanding. Communication is the best way to be there for your children and others.

It is very important we are there for others during these times. Please share in the comments what you have been doing! We’d love to read your ideas!


How often do we as parents feel guilty when we do not get the dishes done or our kids clothes folded and put away? I know I do. My spouse has taught me and still is teaching me a very important lesson, to take moments to stop and rest.

Rest? This is often an unheard of term for parents of young ones. Especially a clean freak, perfectionist, with three kids, and a fourth one on the way. I may or may not be talking about myself…

Today I felt so nauseous and could barely keep my eyes open at church. My husband literally made me lay down and take a nap when we got home. The kids and him worked on the basement while I rested. I laid there struggling feeling guilty,q knowing a mess laid in the other room with tripping hazards all over the floor.

As I tried to relax I heard my husband’s voice in my head, “you need your rest everything else can wait. It is important you take care of yourself as well.”

Whoa what?! As much as I do not want to admit it he is right. As moms we constantly put our kids first, but if we are exhausted physically we are emotionally as well. It is natural for our minds to release feelings of anger and stress when we are exhausted. Our ability to control our emotions is lacking as well.

Let’s be honest, is better for our children when we take time to breathe. This allows us to relax our bodies, minds, and emotions. I have enjoyed reading devotionals and journaling. This is one way I have found to help me breathe. I find it gives me a chance to focus my mind on God’s beautiful peace He gives us. Please comment sharing ways you have found to help yourself relax and take a moment to breathe.

Mom Fail of the Week

My mom fail of the week makes me think of the old saying, “I wish I had eyes in the back of my head.” After our homeschool co-op I was gathering and putting everything away. I open the door to the toddler bathroom, right by me, to check on my daughter and she’s completely naked and soaked washing herself with the sink and paper towels. Then the meltdown begins because I tell her she has to get dressed after I dry her off.

Prior to this, the day before she walks in while I’m using the bathroom completely naked. I ask her why she is naked? She answers, “I’m sad.” I proceed to ask why are you sad? Her answer made me laugh so hard on the inside, “I am sad because I want to watch super wings, so I got naked.”

Apparently as a mom I have failed at stressing the importance of wearing clothes…

Please share your mom fails we’d love to read them!!!

Mom Fail of the Week

How often do we as parents think to ourselves or say to our children, what on Earth were they thinking? This is how my Sunday started…

My son had left his airplanes in the car. First thing he asked to do when he woke up was to go get his airplanes. I of course told him yes. Next thing I know my oldest daughter is yelling, “Mom he’s peeing on the basement floor!” Completely shocked I ran down and asked him, “Why on Earth did you go to the bathroom on the floor?!” To which he answered, “I didn’t know if we had a bathroom in the basement.” Which we always have. I did not even think about the fact he had not gone to the bathroom since waking up.

Apparently I now have my two year old daughter potty trained, but have to revisit the subject with my three year old son.

Mom Fail of the Week

Apparently my two year old was tired of me writing about her potty training and decided to have some fun with my stuff in my bathroom… She does have very good fine motor skills hahaha…

Please share your mom fail of the week or funny story! We’d love to hear it!

P.S. Potty training update she has been accident free all week and wearing underwear at home! Yay!

Mom Fail of the Week

Well I am sorry for my constant theme these past few weeks, but whether it is a child or an animal potty training can be very difficult!

We went diaperless with my two year last week at home. When making dinner she was so excited she peed in the toilet, I quickly dumped and rinsed her potty toilet bowl and rushed to stir the food so it did not burn.

I turn around to head back to the bathroom to disinfect her toilet and out comes my two year old saying, “look at my hat!” Her hat was her potty toilet bowl 🤦🤢 Bath time it was!

Please share any hilarious mom fails of the week! We’d love to read them!

Mom Fail of the Week

As a mom never underestimate your children… My two year old pooped in the bath tub yesterday!!! Just when I think we are getting closer to being diaperless I am proven wrong. Apparently diapers are a lot more comfortable than I thought haha…

Please share your fail of the weeks, we’d love read them!!!


Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.

– James 1:2-3

The Oxford Dictionary defines perseverance as, “persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.” As moms we are faced with many trials how we handle these trials shapes how our children will handle theirs. Our children our constantly watching us and listening. Like a sponge they absorb everything around them good or bad.

We tell our children to think about their actions before doing them. We as parents need to do the same. Give our frustrations to God! We should vent and pray to Him first; before responding to our trials out loud. In Him we will find the strength we need to persevere through our trials.